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PT providers

Accreditation of PT provider´s means the assessment of conformity of the PT provider´s quality management system with all requirements of the international standard ISO 17043.

The accreditation certificate issued by the national accreditation body is a document confirming the PT provider´s competence for development and operation of proficiency testing schemes in a scope specified in the Accreditation Certificate.

What is the accreditation based on?

ČSN EN ISO 17043:2010 General requirements for proficiency testing

MPA 20-01-17 Guidelines for accreditation, which are based on the interpretation to the application of standard ČSN EN ISO 17043:2010. 

All documents are available on the web site of the Czech Accreditation Institute, public service company (CAI).


 Who can you ask for further information?

Accreditation Program Manager, Responsible for accreditation of PTP and RMP:

Ing. Eva Klokočníková

+420 272 096 213,   724 797 774

klokocnikovae (at) cai (dot) cz

Deputy of Accreditation Program Manager

Ing. Martina Bednářová

+420 272 096 205 , 724 797 781

bednarovam (at) cai (dot) cz

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