Czech Accreditation Institute

"Accredo - delivering confidence"


Title: Czech Accreditation Institute
Acronym: CAI
Seat: Olšanská 54/3, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic
Identification number: 25677675
VAT: CZ25677675
Entered in the list of public service companies maintained by the Municipal Court of Justice - Prague, Article O, Supplement 47.
Bank contact:

Komerční banka, a.s.
Prague 1, Na Příkopě 969/33
Czech Republic

Account No.: 4000134031/0100
IBAN CZ57 0100 0000 0040 0013 4031

Head office Prague

Address: Olšanská 54/3, 130 00 Prague 3praha

Telephone: +420 272 096 + extension
Fax: +420 272 096 221

Branch office Brno

Address: Okružní 31,  638 00 BrnoBrno _small

Telephone: +420 545 555 +   extension
Fax: +420 545 555 404 

Name Position E-mail WorkPlace Extension
Office of the CAI Director
Růžička Jiří, Ing. MBA, Ph.D. CAI Director ruzickaj (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 222
Badal Milan, Ing. 1st Deputy Director of CAI badalm (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 220
Chroustová Helena Official chroustovah (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 222
Zemanová Anna, Mgr. Official zemanovaa (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 240
Operational and Economical Department
Vnouček Martin, Bc. Director of the Department vnoucekm (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 233
Beranová Marie, Ing. Deputy Director of the Department beranovam (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 233
Kalašová Lenka Official kalasoval (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 230
Nováková Věra Official novakovav (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 228
Novotná Ludmila Deputy Director of the Department novotnal (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 232
Pánková Radka HR Manager and Official pankovar (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 231
Department of Management and External Relations
Tyleček Igor, Mgr. Ing. Ph.D. Deputy Director of CAI, Process and Quality Manager tyleceki (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 226
Flídrová Kateřina, Mgr. Deputy Director of the Department, Lawyer flidrovak (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 225
Christov Kiril, Bc. Marketing and PR Manager christovk (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 242
Klačer Tomáš, Ing. ICT Manager klacert (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 200
Soukupová Monika Official soukupovam (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 220
Department of Medical Laboratories
Bednářová Martina, Ing. Director of the Department bednarovam (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 205
Černák Viliam, Ing. Lead Assessor cernakv (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 201
Dominová Dana, Ing. Lead Assessor dominovad (at) cai (dot) cz Brno 410
Holoubková Veronika Official holoubkovav (at) cai (dot) cz Brno 401
Chvalovská Jana Official chvalovskaj (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 207
Klokočníková Eva, Ing. Accreditation Program Manager – PT, RM klokocnikovae (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 213
Kučera Josef, Ing. Lead Assessor kuceraj (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 237
Lochmanová Milena, Ing. Deputy Director of the Department and Accreditation Program Manager - Medical Laboratories lochmanovam (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 239
Rampulová Eva, RNDr. Lead Assessor rampulovae (dot) evp (at) cai (dot) cz Brno -
Šenk Petr, Mgr. Lead Assessor senkp (at) cai (dot) cz Brno -
Váňová Jana, Ing. Lead Assessor vanovaj (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 218
Zemanová Alena, Ing. Lead Assessor zemanovaal (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 198
Department of Testing and Calibration Laboratories
Nosek Pavel, Ing. Director of the Department nosekp (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 217
Augustinová Jana, Ing. Lead Assessor augustinovaj (dot) evp (at) cai (dot) cz Praha -
Bartoš Marián, Ing. Head of Brno Office, Lead Assessor bartosm (at) cai (dot) cz Brno 416
Burda Lukáš, Ing. Lead Assessor burdal (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 236
Drdová Zdeňka, Ing. Accreditation Program Manager - Technical Laboratories drdovaz (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 219
Frycová Eliška Official frycovae (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 227
Hubáček Adam, Ing. Ph.D. Lead Assessor hubaceka (dot) evp (at) cai (dot) cz Brno -
Jahnová Michaela, MVDr. Lead Assessor jahnovam (at) cai (dot) cz Brno 413
Jetelina Dalibor, Ing. Lead Assessor jetelinad (dot) evp (at) cai (dot) cz Brno -
Kořínek Pavel, RNDr. Ph.D. Lead Assessor korinekp (at) cai (dot) cz Brno -
Martanová Alena, Ing. Lead Assessor martanovaa (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 211
Matoušek Antonín, Ing. Lead Assessor matouseka (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 235
Matušů Martin, Ing. CSc. Lead Assessor matusum (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 218
Novotná Irena, Ing. Lead Assessor novotnai (at) cai (dot) cz Praha -
Parma Petr, Ing. Lead Assessor parmap (at) cai (dot) cz Praha -
Petrová Martina Official petrovam (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 229
Ptáček Josef, Ing. Lead Assessor ptacekj (at) cai (dot) cz Praha -
Ryantová Irena Official ryantovai (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 241
Sachambula Lenka, Dr. Ing. Lead Assessor sachambulal (at) cai (dot) cz Brno 411
Schinzel Drahomír, Ing. Lead Assessor schinzeld (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 238
Šimonová Gabriela, Ing. Deputy Director of the Department and Accreditation Program Manager - Chemical and Microbiological Laboratories simonovag (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 212
Tříska Jiří, Ing. Lead Assessor triskaj (at) cai (dot) cz Brno 415
Valenta Martin, Ing. Accreditation Program Manager - Calibration Laboratories valentam (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 199
Vinklová Nicole, Mgr. Lead Assessor vinklovan (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 243
Department of Certification and Inspection Bodies
Vácha Dušan, Mgr. Director of the Department vachad (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 216
Černá Eva, Ing. Ph.D. Lead Assessor cernae (dot) evp (at) cai (dot) cz Praha -
Fiala Zdeněk, Ing. Lead Assessor fialaz (at) cai (dot) cz Brno -
Hoffmeister Dalibor, Bc. Lead Assessor hoffmeisterd (at) cai (dot) cz Praha -
Janák Jaroslav, Ing. MBA Lead Assessor janakj (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 204
Jelínková Zuzana, Ing. Accreditation Program Manager - GHG Verifiers jelinkovaz (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 202
Koška Petr, Ing. Ph.D. Lead Assessor koskap (at) cai (dot) cz Brno -
Kovalčuková Julie, Ing. Lead Assessor kovalcukovaj (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 210
Mucha Jaroslav, Ing. Lead Assessor muchaj (dot) evp (at) cai (dot) cz Brno -
Omarová Bohumila Official omarovab (at) cai (dot) cz Brno 402
Racková Eva, RNDr. Lead Assessor rackovae (at) cai (dot) cz Praha -
Rexová Andrea, DiS. Official rexovaa (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 206
Růžička Jaroslav, Ing. Lead Assessor ruzickajaroslav (at) cai (dot) cz Brno -
Střelečková Hana, Ing. Accreditation Program Manager - Personal Certification streleckovah (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 214
Svoboda Milan, Ing. Deputy Director of the Department and Accreditation Program Manager - Inspection Bodies svobodam (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 208
Šilhavá Markéta, Ing. Accreditation Program Manager - Product Certification silhavam (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 203
Švagr Andrej, Ing. Ph.D. Deputy Director of the Department and Accreditation Program Manager - Management Systems Certification and EMAS Verifiers svagra (at) cai (dot) cz Praha 215
Vymazalová Marie Lead Assessor vymazalovam (at) cai (dot) cz Brno 412
Zeman Jaroslav, RNDr. Lead Assessor zemanj (at) cai (dot) cz Brno -