Graham Talbot stepping down...
Graham Talbot (UKAS) at the 30th EA GA in Bratislava, Slovakia

Graham Talbot from UKAS, the UK national accreditation body, will step down as EA Chair at the end of 2012 having been in post since June 2009, following 3½ years as EA Vice Chair.

In his address to the General Assembly and looking ahead towards 2020, Graham highlighted how important it is for EA to set up the appropriate, effective mechanisms to reinforce its influence, in particular within the EC and at the international level.

He told the Membership he was fully confident that everybody in EA is truly dedicated to EA’s future development and successes!

Members at the General Assembly in Bratislava paid a glowing tribute to Graham for his outstanding commitment and contribution to EA during the past seven critical, busy years.

Thank you, Graham, and best wishes!

...Thomas Facklam stepping in
Thomas Facklam (DAkkS)

The current EA MLA Council Chair, Thomas Facklam from DAkkS, the German national accreditation body, was elected as the new EA Chairman as from 1 January 2013 at the General Assembly on 21-22 November 2012 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

After his election, Thomas Facklam said:
Accreditation is gaining ground throughout Europe as an instrument to confirm competence. I therefore consider it to be a particular challenge to consolidate and expand the important role of EA within the European infrastructure.

He sees the focus of his future work as the EA Chairman in continuing the structural development of EA as an organisation and in further strengthening the good co-operation with the European Commission.

The EA Executive Committee reshuffled

Further to the election of Thomas Facklam as the EA Chairman, Nicole Van Laethem from BELAC, the Belgian national accreditation body, has been elected as the new EA MLA Council Chair.

Ignacio Pina from ENAC, the Spanish national accreditation body, has also been elected as the new EA Horizontal Harmonization Committee Chair, succeeding Merih Malmqvist Nilsson who has been appointed as Deputy Managing Director in SWEDAC, the Swedish national accreditation body.

Two additional members of the Executive Committee were elected by the General Assembly: Lucyna Olborska from PCA, the Polish national accreditation body and Peter Kronvall from SWEDAC, the Swedish national accreditation body.

As a result of Graham Talbot’s early departure, all new officers have been elected for a one-year mandate starting on 1 January 2013 in order for their tenures to coincide with that of the remainder of the Executive Committee. Elections for the renewal of the full EA Executive Committee will take place in May 2013, for a new mandate starting on 1 January 2014.

EA MLA signatories

At the last meeting of the EA MAC on 26 and 27 September 2012 in Nicosia, Cyprus, it was agreed that BATA (Bosnia-Herzegovina) will become a new EA Bilateral signatory in the fields of calibration, testing, and inspection.

Of the 35 EA Full Members, 33 accreditation bodies are signatories to the EA MLA, of which 26 have signed for all scopes. Amongst the 13 EA Associate Members, 4 are signatories to the EA MLA through a bilateral agreement with EA: ISRAC (Israel), TUNAC (Tunisia), NAAU (Ukraine) and BATA.

PTP and RMP to be covered by the EA MLA
Soya (356043) - RM for its DNA

The EA General Assembly in November 2012 endorsed a new work item to establish accreditation of Proficiency Testing Providers (PTP) and Reference Material Producers (RMP) as new activities under the EA MLA. 

EA will identify the need for any other new or revised document which will then be drafted by the appropriate EA committee. The peer evaluation process and related issues will be prepared by the EA MLA Council (using the existing process as far as possible). This process will have to be endorsed by the EA General Assembly in due course.

Meetings with the Commission

Representatives from the EA Executive Committee have met in November with DG CLIMA to discuss the proposed Action Grant for work in support of the EU ETS Accreditation & Verification Regulation and with DG ENTR to discuss the application of accreditation in support of the Construction Products Regulation. 

EA made a presentation of the European accreditation system at a meeting on 4 December 2012 with DG ENTR and Notifying Authorities from the Member States. Accreditation of conformity assessment bodies according to the requirements in the Construction Products Regulation was included in the presentation.

Further details of the cooperation with DG CLIMA and DG ENTR will be given in the next e-bulletin.

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